Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saudi Bikini Team

Sadly, we don't have a Montana Bikini Team.

But we're waiting for a Chinook.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Dining for the Immoral

I assume that the rationale is that sluts are too tired and lazy to do better.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Tense Family Scene Overheard

Most people in Montana can make a distinction between things that may be discussed in public and things that should be kept private.  Especially among that are painful family topics. 

I was the unwitting listener to a conversation between members of an older couple and a younger one.

It got loud!  I did not have to eavesdrop: the trick was to keep from listening to and looking at that family trainwreck that was happening.  Suddenly I showed too ardent an interest in my meatloaf.

"You fornicated with my daughter!  The two of you are living in sin! (the father speaking in 2013)

"Oh, Baby, how could you?"  (the mother)

And the older couple went on in a loud voice with the reproaches and repeated use of the word "shame."

I must say that I had more relaxed dinners.  And I imagine most diners did as well.

Most of us, undoubtedly wish the younger couple well.  They were both over 21, I think.  Anyway, people should be realistic about such things.  For some, virginity is still a big deal, as if a woman is devalued because of enjoying sex.