Monday, March 9, 2015

The Fellini Kroger

The Kroger supermarket on North Broadway in Knoxville is known as the 'Fellini Kroger' because of the bizarre spectacles of its customers and its surreal ambiance, very much like those old movies by Frederico Fellini. It's the only grocery story that has a Facebook page and a Friends of Fellini Kroger support organization. For cheap entertainment in the Knoxville area, go to this store!

They even have the locally used name on the cash receipts:

There are odd spectacles, and people join in the fun:

And if you wish, you may wear a t-shirt to proclaim your allegiance to the Fellini Kroger! So Bearden Kroger, Cedar Bluff Kroger, and Farragut Kroger, TAKE THAT, you losers!  (Other Krogers in the Knoxville Area.)

Here's a nice article about the Fellini Kroger:


  1. They seem to enjoy the oddness of the customers.

  2. When Kroger pulled out of St. Louis (50 stores) in 1986 I thought they had gone bankrupt. I learned later it was just business bastards doing their thing.

  3. We had a few Kroger stores back home in Pittsburgh, but they weren't this cool.

  4. The whole shopping center there is twilight-zone-ish.