Thursday, December 8, 2016

Safe Spaces

Among the repetitive demands made by students at different universities is that for "safe spaces" where birds of a like feather can flock together with no troublesome encounters with people who might see the world differently and have opinions that differ from theirs'. Holy cow! No, I get the idea that some people may have harder rows to hoe than others; but if higher education is supposed to prepare you for life, then it ought to include exposure to same!

I must admit that I attended M.T.S.U., hardly a hotbed of campus controversy even though it was near a large metro area (Nashville) and largely Tennessean in origins. But, still, there were fresh ideas and I was the better for it. Same with at UM.

Strangely enough, I found my own safe space in the Bitterroots of Montana later on, and was loath to move to the Seattle area. Didn't like contending with traffic, but could deal with the local sttitude.

Darn it all!  Do these safe spaces also have security blankies? And is 1950-style in loco parentis still in effect?

People should go to college to learn, not hibernate.