Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Stirring Up the Political Pot

We live in a  hypersensitive era; so I want to say up front that this is a Heidi attempt to be satirical, or ironic, if you prefer.

In a later time of studied hypersensitivity, a number of the old ways were gradually phased out. The Confederate monuments were taken down, language was adjusted to different sensibilities, and people were generally playing nice. Part of this was the passing of Donald Trump and the Democratic reaction; and also to emotional fatigue. God Damn!

This posed a dilemma for Philbert Wilson, who needed a new p.c. to trumpet in order to establish his bonafides. But, damn! Everybody was acting pleasant, and no issue was apparent. But, for an issue-seeker, this was not good.

However, lo and behold! He found something. While Google surfings he found an old song entitled "Rebel Rouser" back from the 1950s or so. OMFG! Is this to rouse up some Neoconfederates? Anyway, Philbert got into action. He got up petitions and tried to get this musical work banned on the internet.

As a further inducement, this same musician did his version of "Dixie."

Too bad Philbert did not listen all the way through. "Rebel Rouser" was an instrumental.