Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Romeo and Juliet and Football

Kelsi Reich, a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, currently dating Buffalo Bills’ WR David Nelson. This is so nice.

In the Dallas - Buffalo game played in Dallas last weekend, Nelson scored a TD on a long run during the second quarter. He did something a little showboaty, I guess; he did a victory lap.

After taking a victory lap around the Cowboys Stadium field, he gave the ball to his girlfriend Kelsi. A totally sweet, heartwarming moment, yes? Hum, a must admit a little tear came to my eye.

No. In a column in Yardbarker, people commented that "she should be fired immediately!"

Some unsympathetic writer found her Twitter biography, and commented that "she’s quite possibly the most Jesusy or Christy cheerleader in history." Due to her quoting Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart & lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge Him & He will direct your paths." Apparently, the writer was from some other part of the country, and did not understand how commonplace pious references in the South and Texas.

The writer then speculated about cheerleader stereotypes and commented, "It makes you think about how the biblical types don’t often get to know a lot of men in a biblical manner in the bedroom.

Therefore, what’s the point of having a Lamborghini, if you can’t drive it?"

What an amazingly vulgar comment. He managed to throw mud on a sweet moment and introduce speculation on the couple's physical relationship. In that case, he went over the top! He screwed up. Bad Kitty!

This collective take on what should be seen as a bright, shiny, sweet moment in this dark night of the football soul saddens me greatly. And bringing up those tacky locker room stereotypes about cheerleaders does not help, either (as an ex-cheerleader, they HURT!!!!). As a matter of fact, I think that Christians have a reason to object, too.

That is all.


  1. How sad! Lovers shuld be allowed to relate without that silly football thing getting in the way. There's more to life than football!

  2. Will you post some pics of you in a cheerleader outfit, Heidi?

  3. In some places, football IS a religion. And I may have found a new candidate for the next Ass Clown of the Week Award.

  4. I guess that they should have kept their forbidden love secret. So sad!

  5. Sneaking around on a love if you're single is sensual, like having an affair when you're married. One of the best things about having a boyfriend is cheating on him now and then.