Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Awesome Yet Embarrassing Prank

Melanie and her boyfriend used to play pranks on each other at times.  He had a weird sense of humor.  That's usually exciting; however one day she nearly killed him for a prank that nearly got her sent to the Dean's Office.

He had this remote toy for his cat that would vibrate at the push of a button on a small remote.  It happened that this toy could be taken apart and still work.  The vibrating part is about the size and width of a quarter. Well somehow he had slipped it in the lining of her Daisy Dukes about next to you know what.  Now Melanie sometimes went commando when she was lazy, and it happened that this was one of those occasions.

When Melanie put them on she thought something felt different in its crotch (This pair was really tight, about a size or two too small) but she chose to ignore it in favor of looking hot!   While in her chemistry class, which she had with him, she suddenly felt this small vibrating sensation down there.   It first was just annoying but after a few minutes it started to feel kind of good.

Melanie bit down on her lip and crossed her legs even tighter and tried to ignore it.  Although it was insistent,  she figured she could wait until the end of class to investigate why this was going on.

After 10 minutes later, with over 30 minutes left in class it started to feel REALLY good and Melanie couldn't figure out what causing this!  It was hard to keep an interest in benzene and methane and all.  She just bit down harder and crossed her legs tighter but that actually made it worse (or actually better).  Melanie started to breath really, really audibly; which made the guys nearby look at her weirdly. As the pleasure increased, she let out a soft moan by accident. Although the teacher didn't hear it,  some of the class did.  She was practically holding her crotch to try and stop this vibrating.  It looked as if she was 'pleasing' herself.

As she let out an audible moan that my teacher heard, she quickly darted out the door and into the bathroom. It stopped outside the room and she checked her jeans and didn't find anything unusual so she came back and told her teacher that she suddenly felt as if she had to vomit so she ran out.  In the rest room, she found that she was completely sodden down there!

Well, with five minutes to go, the professor let class out early.  Then, Melanie went to her boyfriend whom she explained the problem to.  At first, he acted innocent; but soon fessed up to the little vibrator.

Melanie made him hand over the device that caused it to tingle, and she kept it in her Daisies for those special, private occasions.  And, sometimes, she would wear them to a particularly boring class in a lecture hall large enough that she could sit away from others!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Stay classy, you all!