Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Tao of Bowling

Unless you are a habitual bowler, and have your own bowling ball and bowling shoes, you have to fall back on those rented from the bowling lanes. And what a horrid set of choices: typically red-and-green two-toned shoes, with the number sizes on the heels. Now the colors I can understand: it keeps them from being stolen by unscrupulous patrons desirous of a footwear upgrade. And the numbers too, I guess. But you have no secrets. The whole world (or so it seems) can see that you wear size 9 gunboats. It's like wearing a t-shirt proclaiming your bra size or GPA. Or having your Social Security number emblazoned on your butt! Or, most horrendous a disclosure! That you have a loser calling plan or you still use AOL. Bowling teaches you a lesson in humility, if you rent shoes. Everyone knows how big your feet are!

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