Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skin the Bunny

There are drinking games and there are drinking games. Most people are familiar with Cardinal Puff, but fewer know of Skin the Bunny. Maybe because it's peculiar to the midwest.

Now when people think of the Cornhole Game when they think of the midwest: the game in which players attempt to toss beanbags trough holes in a board. (Or so they tell outsiders; but some of us know what they really mean!) But skin the bunny is less commonly reported.

Here's how it's played. It's like people trying to catch a greased pig, except that whcih is to be caught is a girl who is slathered with grease and wearing a skimpy bikini top. The contestants who are actually in the chase or all somewhat obese males in different degrees of intoxication. It's even better if the bunny is quite good at dodging the chasers: it provides a barrel full of laughs.

When one finally catches the bunny, he can then skin the bunny; that is, take off her bikini top and allow himself to be caressed by her.

Barbarous! We need to send missionaries to convert these Midwesterners to righteousness!

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