Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kentucky's Dueling Oath

Kentucky actually has an oath that all office-holders must swear in that Commonwealth. Even judges and presidents of Kentucky universities.

Typically, a judge and honoree stand facing each other, right hands raised. The judge recites the oath of office which includes this reference: "I, being a citizen of this State, have not fought a duel with deadly weapons within this State nor out of it, nor have I sent or accepted a challenge to fight a duel with deadly weapons, nor have I acted as second in carrying a challenge, nor aided or assisted any person thus offending, so help me God."

I think it's kind of cool. It probably encourages proper decorum, too. After all, judges, politicians, and university presidents are not reknown for their truthiness or sincerity.


  1. It's dismal and archaic -- not necessary since the Civil WAr.