Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stupidity in Groups

It's very clear, based on peoples' behavior in riots and political parties that there's a multiplier effect of acting stupid that comes from being in a group.  To put it in another way, the larger the group, the greater the likelihood of Olympic-class stupid behavior.

Last weekend members of a fraternity at the University of Tennessee had a boozy party; and several of the worthies had overindulged by giving themselves alcohol enemas!  You read that right: booze in the tush.  It's called "butt chugging."  But here's the story from the Knoxville paper:

This sort of makes the sorority episode seem small by comparison:


  1. Butt chugging has become a fad with college students nowadays. I long for the good old days of Cardinal Puff.

    They must be a three ring circus when in a classroom.

  2. I guess the next game will be an IV drip.

  3. You can bet that the next time UT plays an opponent there will be butt-chugging references:

    "No butts about it, UT is chugging along."

  4. This is all grotesque! What about the TASTE of the wine?

  5. "Cardinal Puff" there's a blast from the past!

  6. Just when you think you've heard it all ...