Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Sexiest North American Accent

The online dating website recently reported a new survey regarding the most attractive accent in North America. They surveyed over 2,000 men and women registered on  this dating site and found that the Southern drawl is the clearly preferred accent among the online dating populace, particularly among men.   This accent was preferred by 36.5% of those surveyed.

So how did the other regional accents do?

2) New York – 16.5 percent

3) Western – 13 percent

4) New England – 10.5 percent

5) New Jersey – 7 percent

6) Canadian – 7 percent

7) Midwestern – 5.5 percent

8) Mid-Atlantic – 4 percent


  1. A Jersey accent sexy? Some people must have a weird sense of humor.

  2. Southern accents are the sexiest. That is why newcoming women to the South often take on a Southern accent.

  3. Southern is sweetest sounding.

  4. Yo! Grew up in Philly, so east coast guys like tony soprano sound HOT!


    1. I prefer a western Carolina accent. But don't sound like you're from Charleston.

  5. Midwestern is very close to a non accent or broadcast voice.

  6. Sigh.
    Guess I'm stuck with the plain ol' non-sexy Midwestern voice.

  7. I was fortunate that when I studied in the U.S. I learned English with a Southern accent. My lover was surprised when we met to hear it in Laon, France.

  8. Some years ago when I was doing my radio show on WEBR, we did a remote broadcast from the Fairfax County Fair. I was in the booth, and a very attractive young lady came up, looked at my name tag, and said, "You're Bilbo? You do 'The Audio Attic?' You don't look ANYTHING like you sound!" I wasn't quite sure how to take it, but decided I'd err on the side of "she meant well."