Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Feeling Ill at Ease in Certain Environments

I don't know how to put it well, but in certain settings alarm bells go off in my head as to the imminence of danger.  I don't think it's prejudice; it's some atavistic instinct that something is just not right, that I ought to be on guard.   I can't link it to specific, repeatable themes, but it just occurs.

Naturally, feeling that something might be amiss and taking precautions is better than to ignore those senses.  The cost of taking steps to avoid the situation is less if I'm wrong than failing to take sense and being right.

I grew up in the suburbs of Nashville.  Some, nontouristy parts of Nashville are less desirable, I must say.  But the place that makes me real uncomfortable is Cocke County, TN and some places on the Cumberland Plateau.

Memphis, Atlanta, and Birmingham are statistically dangerous, and I am very careful of where I go after dark.

The reason why I'm nattering on about this is that I might move to Seattle.  There are some parts of that area that I'm not sure about, like Pioneer Square or Belltown.  Anyway, I have to balance safety and affordability.  I would like to live on one of those islands across Elliott Bay, but doing that takes $$$.


  1. I've thought Seattle would be a good place to move because it rains there a lot. I love rain. Once we visited Seattle. People there walk in the rain like nothing is going on.

  2. Large, unfamiliar cities at night when there is no one about can make me uncomfortable. So do the obvious signs: panhandlers, drus salesmen, and prostitutes.

  3. Just do your research and practice good situational awareness and you will be fine. Of course, you should know that because of the relentlessly damp weather, young ladies in Seattle tend to end up with rust, rather than tan lines. A word to the wise ...

  4. I have a cousin and some controller friends that live in Seattle. Let me know if you want to contact somebody with some local info. Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!