Friday, October 19, 2018

Overused States or Cities

I suppose that the United States could have been an experiment in which fifty different entities engaged in their individual visions as to what constitutes the ideal government, within the judicious confines of the Constitution, of course.  Unfortunately, this didn't happen: some states seem to have more impact on the collective vision than others.  

And I know full well that it would have been totally unlikely that Tennessee or Montana would be among those.  At least Illinois or New Jersey didn't make it either, thank God!

Unfortunately, the three that seem most influential from my perspective are New York, California, and Massachusetts.  It's understandable when those three places disproportionately influence the media, weigh heavily in Congress, is where the money is, and carry a mystique about them.  So does Seattle, which I'm visiting.  Going from Elliot Bay to downtown is steep uphill.  They have fine art, and interesting food.  But no detective shows and only one hospital show is set there.

Did anyone ever perform a song, "Wisconsin Girls"?  Did anyone leave his heart in Omaha?  Did anyone sing that if you could make it in Dallas you could make it anywhere?  But no one, absolutely no one, was called a Tennhole.  At least that's something.  Let's have some variety for a change: set a detective show in glorious Tallahassee or a sitcom in Little Rock. Now that would be something to see!

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