Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Conference on the Cheerleader as an Icon in Postmodern Society

The Institute for Liberal Arts Studies is pleased to announce that the Conference for the Cheerleader as an Icon in Postmodern Society will be held in San Diego, California from October 7 to October 10, 2010 at the Coronado Hotel. This promises to be an annual international event to facilitate scholarly inquiry into Cheerleader Studies. At this time, here are some tentative topics on the program, and their presenter(s):

The Deconstruction of Cheerleader Politics in Southern California: A Feminist Perspective -- Olivia Wilcox, San Diego Polytechnic Institute

'Bring It On' and the Representation of Eunuchism in the Male Cheerleaders and the Unsuccessful Football Team -- Philbert Desenex, Southern Tennessee University

The Blonde as a Moral Touchstone in the 'Bring It On' Series -- Faye Raye Day, Nebraska School of Mines

A Deconstructionist Analysis of the Archetypes of Ideal Teen Characters -- Willoughby Percival Thoreston, Oregon Valley College

The Role of the Cheerleader as Vestal Virgin and as Outsider in the 'Bring It On' Series -- Amanda Sue Thomas, Florida School of Surf Studies and Aerobic Dance

Postmodern Views of Team Support in Cheer Studies -- Joan Witherspoon and Clyde Bullard, Pismo Beach School of Surfing

A Structualist Analysis of the Settings in Cheerleader Movies -- Paloma Palmerson, University of Verona Beach

Cheerleader Parentage Gone Wrong: the Cautionary Example from Texas -- Dorita Sue Prufock, University of Texas at Fredericksburg

Tommy Lee Jones as a Cheerleader Coach in 'Man of the House' -- Stereotypical Male or Pathfinder? -- Thelma Crabtree, University of Texas at Port Aransas

Baton-Twirling as an Archetype of Antebellum Matriarchy in Mississippi Semiotics -- Judson Wilson, University of Middle Mississippi

Ironic Images in the Somersaults of Hyperkinetic West Coast Cheerleaders -- Elizabeth Bartlett, West Coach School of Philosophy

Inroads of Cheer Culture in New England: Evidences of Cultural Insemination in Primitives by Mass Media -- Shelby Woodstock and Maud Merritt, Pandemic Institute for Technology

Other papers will be added to this program, as the organizers have a policy of rolling acceptance of new materials. Additional proposals on Cheer Studies are welcomed.

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  1. It sounds like an excellent conference. Will there be demos?