Friday, September 10, 2010

Does Size Matter in Sex?

Having a larger body mass index (BMI), that is.

Sex researchers at Ecriyes University in Turkey did a year-long study documenting the correlation between BMI and male sex performance. In a nutshell, heavier guys last longer. Heavier guys last an average of 7.3 minutes during coitus, while thin guys last only about 108 seconds.

Hopefully, those 7.3 minutes are performed cowgirl-style!

Anyway, maybe thin guys need to ramp up that foreplay, eh?


  1. This is very interesting! Can we conclude that fattening up our husbands would save a marriage, in more ways than one?

  2. Did Plus Size Guys pay for this research? Just wondering . . . .

  3. Does this apply to zaftig lesbians also?