Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Questions Regarding Some Theological Matters Regarding Procreation

Those of us who are trying to live Biblically, using the word of the LORD as a guide to our lives should consult the GOOD BOOK regularly and see proper guidance. I will admit that I have done it religiously; but have not found the proper Biblical passages regarding certain aspects of marital behavior. Obviously, these questions would apply to married people only.

(1) Should the missionary position be the only position to be used by proper, upright Christians, or is this something required only of missionaries?

(2) Does using the missionary position also apply to revivalists; or only to those trying to convert the heathens of Kentucky?

(3) How many times per week should a Good Christian Husband perform his husbandly duty?

(4) Does taking out the garbage also fall under the heading of husbandly duty?

(5) Is it okay for married couples to know each other on Sunday, or is that day reserved only for the LORD?

(6) Does the Bible say anything about who should sleep on the wet spot?

(7) Does doing it in the nude constitute a sin?

(8) Does using Crisco constitute a sin?

(9) Does wearing a bowling shirt while engaging in the procreative act an offense that good Christians should avoid?

Please share your Biblical insights with us.


  1. Technically, only Christians actively engaging in missionary work should use the missionary position. It is quite appropriate for homely Christians to do it doggy-style.

  2. Nudity is okay as long as you both keep your eyes closed.

  3. Is it okay for Christians living in Western states to do it, cowgirl-style?