Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Proudy Sculpture

When it comes to public art, the typical viewer is often amazed as to what gets erected. This one in Prague is just too astonishing for words; but I'll describe it: two brothers, standing in a basin shaped like the Czech Republic, and voiding their bladders while doing so. Supposedly, you can send an email message ad get the bronze guys to pee your name in the water.

I can only speculate on how such an artwork might be received in the United States. This is definitely related to place in question. I can imagine the Midwesterners or the Bible Belt crowd saying that it's obscene, the Bostonians thinking it's in abysmal taste, and New Yorkers considering it to be a suggestion.

Chicago and Seattle have public art, some of which is regarded as innovative, such as the Picasso's in Chicago. Tennessee had abstract art placed at several of the welcome stations to the Volunteer State, and they seem to be enjoyed or at least tolerated. However, big issues with regard to public art are these:

a. Who's going to pay for it?
b. Who decides whether an effort is art?

I can see the liberals and conservatives going on about this, particularly since both have dogs in that fight!


  1. But do liberals or conservatives feel positively about peeing in public?

    This is a funny find. Thanks, Heidi!

  2. I'd bet that this sculpture is called The Pissing Match.

  3. This sculpture is obviously intended to represent the degree to which Congress is able to cooperate on things. If you want to see some really ugly statues, you can check back on my blog for pictures of sculptures I found in Germany. I'll post some links later, when I have the time to go back and find the right post dates. You will think your pictured statue is an original Michaelangelo.

  4. Considering the symbolism, it is very unsettling. Like it's a comment on the relationship between the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  5. Thanks for the great laugh, Heidi!