Monday, January 28, 2013

This Month's Cosmo Cover

Cosmopolitan Magazine apparently knows how to decipher self-esteem or self-confidence, as this article in the NY Daily News affirms:

Miley Cyrus “Can’t Be Tamed” and her new Cosmopolitan cover is proving it.

The 20-year-old songstress appears on the cover of the mag’s March issue braless, a bold statement of her newfound confidence.

And she has a new boyfriend.

Gee . . . . How easy to declare your confidence!  Or, is it possible that women go braless for other reasons.

No worries about her Achy Breaky Heart.  Or her pecs, too, for that matter.  Her 'do is a fright that distracts from her cleavage-flaunting.  Actually, it seems that all Cosmo covers feature women who look sexually bold and not dressed for the office. 

The "Twenty moves" article promised more than it delivered.

Threesomes?  No thanks.  That strictly for the 213, 323, and 606 area codes.

Nice workout tips.

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  1. Cosmo has done better. Wretched pose.

  2. They have Miley looking all grown up.

  3. It's mandatory for female child stars grown up to pose in a sexually provocative way. This one looks tacky.

  4. She was posed like she was fixing to flash her ta-tas.

  5. Cosmopolitan covers are the ladies' equivalent of letters to the editor of Penthouse. And for the record, I think Miley Cyrus is very cute ... but definitely not in this picture.

  6. "Look at my new hooters, all, and despair!"