Friday, February 22, 2013

The Pencil Test for Breast Ptosis

Years ago, advice columnist Ann Landers proposed this test to determine whether a woman can go without a bra.  To perform this test, the person lifts one of her breasts, places a pencil under it, and releases the breast.
If the pencil falls down, she can go braless (under a shirt, of course, provided it is sufficiently opaque).   If the pencil is held in place by the weight of her breast, she should wear a bra.
I used to use this as an algorithm for whether I needed a bra, not taking pokies into account.

Technically, the condition that necessitates a bra is called breast ptosis.



  1. I thought it was a joke when I was a teen.

  2. I wonder if ptosis tester is a real job.

  3. "Ptosis" seems like an awfully ugly sounding word to associate with something as beautiful as the feminine sounds like it would describe expectoration rather than droopy breasts.