Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What the F***!

What in the hell is going on nowadays?

Suddenly yellow flags with rattlesnakes are popping up in town, even among the granolas.  Apparently, the I.R.S. in Cincinnati targeted Tea Party groups for special scrutiny in vetting them for nonprofit status, while giving liberal groups a free pass. 

Now Congress has gotten bipartisan for a change: a chorus of bleating that this was wrong! 

Let's face it: the I.R.S. is about as popular as an enema with the general public, anyway; so if the Obama administration throws a few I.R.S. agents or offices under the bus, there won't be too much wailing and gnashing of teeth!

It looks a little more weird when it comes to reading journalists' email records.  This can be like a major scandal.

Time for some low-level administrators to have their Come to Jesus moments, and take one for the team.  I know the Big Guy will make sure the buck stops somewhere else.

I'm being sarcastic as hell, I know; but the hits keep on coming and I don't know what other bad news is out there.

Bottom line: Politics makes people act like dicks: and non-tumescent ones, at that!


  1. I wondered if asnyone was going to touch this topic, and you came forth. Funny thing: the tenor of the NY Times is to downplay the significance of it all (move on citizen, nothing going on here), while Real Clear Politics referred to Richard Milhous Obama!

    Things are going to get ugly.

    Makes the effing Alabama Legislature look like choir boys. But not that clown from Section.

  2. There are some serious issues involved potentially in these cases. I hope this is not a consistent pattern.

    Suddenly, I'm sympatico with the media. What is going on here? Even our Attorney General is promising not to arrest journalists.

  3. It's not bad when the I.R.S. gets to sweat, for a change. I wish more federal agencies could be put on the hot seat.

  4. The IRS gets a bad rap most of the time, but the blame really belongs to Congress. After all, it's Congress that writes the loopholey, grossly unfair (to the little guys) tax laws that the IRS then has to turn into forms we fill out and regulations we have to live by. Granted, the IRS has shot itself in its professional feet often enough, bu the real blame needs to go to Congress. And I'm going to have to side with the admininstration, at least in part, on the sanctification of journalists. Because of my professional background (which we can discuss offline if you're so inclined), I have a bit different take on the holier-than-thou attitude of many journalists and their laissez-faire attitude toward information that ought legitimately to be protected. It's a difficult gray area that requires some fancy stepping around constitutional land mines, but I will just say that giving journalists a blanket get out of jail free card to forgive often irresponsible actions is not a good move.