Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Boy Scouts and Gay Membership

There's been a lot of noise recently about the Boy Scouts opening its membership to gay boys, while continuing its exclusion of gays from scout leader positions.  While I think that the Scouts should be open to all, let's put things in perspective.

Sexual conduct of any type is not supposed to take place during any scout activity.  To my knowledge, heterosexual behavior is included.  There are no merit badges awarded for proficiency while visiting a brothel!  And, darn it, we're talking about children, for the most part.

Sex is not yet on their radar screens.

And, the proper response of any adult, hetero or gay, is to keep it that way.   Maybe no adult should be alone with a child. 

At any time.

There's a conceptual difference between who one is and what one does sexually.  While the latter is one example of a specific conduct, it's not the entire picture.  We're more complex than that.

Would you describe me as a overt mockingbird lover?  Or incorrogible Republican?  Or confirmed Montanan?  Or habitual Moon Pie eater?  Or covert 34B bra wearer?  Or frequent watcher of Justified?  Why must the incidental of my preferring heterosexual activity make such a big emphasis?


  1. I'm a little confused at what your point is.

  2. I was a scout leader years ago. Even back then they had a 2/2 policy. At least 2 leaders and two scouts at all times.

  3. I think the policy Mike described is a sound one for all groups where adults interact with children.

  4. I think it's weird that some forms of sexual condict are equated with personal identity.