Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nice Guys

One of the enduring quotes originated in baseball: "Nice guys finish last."  It is usually attributed to Leo Durocher, a former baseball manager.
Its tenor is cynical; and it has been generalized to business, academics, politics, and even hierarchical strivings. 
It implies that it really doesn't pay to be nice.  Some people have taken it as justification for acting like pricks or bitches.  So sad.
However, I'm pleased to report that meticulous research into the quotation has led to a full, corrected version of it.  It's nice to know that baseball managers can be so sensitive: 


  1. Made me smile.
    There is also a saying about nice girls, but I probably shouldn't be the say it.

  2. It's not a race to the finish is it.

  3. I'm glad Leo Durocher knew what was important!

  4. A great idea. No 2-minute men!

  5. At my age, I'm pleased to just finish, period.