Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crossville Doings

Crossville, Tennessee is one of those so-so places just off I-40 between Nashville and Knoxville.

However, this burg gets a little excitement now and then.

For example, several years ago, religious faiths were allowed to erect monuments on the courthouse lawn.  Some adherents to the Flying Spaghetti Monster erected oneof his noodily presence, and the city allowed it.

Now lately, a homeowner was approached by a woman who asked if she could swim in his pool.  The 54-year-old guy didn't figure there was a catch.  There was. He was robbed $1195.

Alas, no pictures.  Too bad.  This could be worthy of a Playboy or Maxim spread.  Just for the novelty of it.

And Crossville residentswho learn who was the woman among them.

Would she be stripped of church fellowship, or recruited by the Methodists?


  1. I'll bet the locals are wondering who did thenude swim...

  2. Watch online for further developments in this story. Unless she's a real beast!

  3. A theme for the new movie Dumb and Dumber II. Your neighbors rob you while you let one swim nude.