Friday, March 28, 2014

Do It for Denmark

Denmark has experienced an alarming decline in its birth rate.

However, more Danes are conceived due to their parents getting frisky while on holiday.  This little ad (with helpful translations) drives home the point.

So, spend some time in Paris!  Copulate a little!  Have a little Danish in your future.

Plus the breakfasts in Parisian hotels are first class!


  1. A cute, whimsical public service ad. Screw for Denmark!

  2. I think it's an hilarious spoof.

    It is a spoof, right?

  3. If you do it on vacation in Denmark, will that help? I'm all for helping.

  4. Europeans tend to think of holidays happening in some other country.

    Somehow, I don't feature going to Ohio or Iowa for a dirty week with rekindled sex for a couple.

  5. A holiday in the City of Light might rekindle Scandanavian libidos.

    A great ad!

  6. I'll do it for Denmark. For Burkina Faso, maybe not so much.

  7. St. Martin/Sint Maarten does tend to bring out the libido in some less inhibitors, even to couples dry rubbing in semi-public.

    What happens in the west Indies, stays there.

  8. How charming! It's sad when couples perform sex less often. It makes them come together happily.