Sunday, August 16, 2015

High School Nicknames

High school students are not always the most sensitive, p.c. type of individuals like the schools and churches exhort us to be.  Maybe it's just being obstinate, but that sort of thing does happen.

For instance, there were two Heidis in my high school class.  One was nicknamed Heidi of the Alps, apparently in homage to the Johanna Spyri character.  The other was nicknamed Heidi of the Foothills.

Tennessee kids need to have a sense of humour.  Can I now be known as Heidi of the Bitterroots?


  1. Are you going to post a picture: the Bitterroots of Heidi?

  2. Bitterroots could refer to those pesky dark parts at the bottom of a lady's blonde hair ...