Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Crazy Crap from South Carolina

School superintendents are not immune from dumbass decisions. This one takes the cake:

Here's the story:

"Union County High School teacher Leigh Anne Arthur says she left her phone on her desk for a few minutes while she went out on a routine patrol of the school's hallways. A 16-year-old student opened her phone, which wasn't protected with a password, and found pictures of Arthur that included shots of her partially undressed. The student used his own phone to take pictures of the partial nudes and send them around."

So the poor lady was humiliated by this awful intrusion on her privacy and modesty. (The partially nude pictures were for her husband.) 

Surely the little twerp was expelled, or at least suspended. Nope.

Instead the School Superintendent asked for her resignation, and she was forced out.

What is wrong with this picture? A lot. She was the VICTIM, not the perp. What was the Superintendent thinking? Does he have shit for brains?

It's sort of like the lame argument that the Marriott attorney made in the Erin Andrews suit in Nashville: the nude pictures that a voyeur took of her from a peephole helped her career?

That guy needs a serious butt whipping!


  1. That Superintendent is a real jackass! The teacher did nothing wrong; and is entitled to privacy with her cell phone!

  2. That was stupid. But stupid decisions are not foreign to school superintendents.

  3. Heard about this story. Kid gets NOTHING and teacher faces possible criminal charges?
    Absolutely crazy!

  4. Life can be ass backwards sometimes.

  5. The kid needs a good old-fashioned Catholic grade-school spanking, followed by either suspension or expulsion. And the teacher needs to learn about locking her phone.

  6. There's a lot of stupid going around in SC.

  7. Agree, my sister transplant!