Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Time to Revive an Old Term

The quality of political discourse has declined even in the Post-Common Sense Era of the tens. The center cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, as Billy Yeats put it years ago. 

It's time to summon an old term into our national dialogue. We have demagogues enough. I think most Senators are demagogue wannabees, from what they say; and that's strong enough.

No, the term I have in mind is rabble rouser. I know that's politically incorrect as can be; but give me some room here, y'all!

At least one Presidential candidate seems to encourage mistreatment of protesters and his vilified the press. I know journalists are as popular as a bastard at a family reunion (particularly if he's from sainted granny's side)! But this poorly coiffured clown seems to relish retaliation against protesters.

And some protest idiots, bless their hearts, seem to be more inventive in their disruptive ways. 

There's a small percentage of the population (I hope) that might be accurately described as goons. And a few whose scales might be tipped towards goonishness. But this is not to be encouraged. These are the rabble I have in mind.

Nice politicians should not poke a stick in the doghouses of rabble. Don't shout "havoc" and let slip the dogs of war.

And don't be a rabble rouser. You don't have any means of putting on the brakes of rabble once they're set in motion. There are still rough beasts out there, prone to slouch to Washington.


  1. Wow! Well said. You get eloquent when you're pissed.

  2. You spoke from the heart, Heidi. I kind of shy away from political rallies because of the crudeness.

  3. Yes, Heidi, there is a difference between stirring well meaning, responsible people to action and rousing the rabble!

  4. You're right, there are no brakes for rabble.