Monday, August 1, 2016

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Some girls are so happy that they have a boyfriend. Tammy was one of those. She became one of those overly attached girlfriends, expecting Matt to call her twice each night, and always had a lot of questions and advice about him and his buds that he saw .  .  .  . too often, in Tammy's opinion.

She also tended to advise Matt on what he should wear. Lately, she became anxious about his g.f. tackle. Was he careful, did he wear a supporter, what he called his Matt strap. Anyway, she just liked to assure herself that it was all still there.

Matt wished Tammy would keep those moments private.


  1. Hmmm...
    Not certain if I should be happy or sad that I've never had such an attached girlfriend.

  2. "g.f. tackle" That's a new one. I like it. It's not even in the Urban Dictionary.

  3. Yes, that is an overly attached girlfriend. And nosy, too.

  4. g.f. tackle is guy's private parts.