Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Does Size Matter?

This amusing picture aside, it may not be as important.

Before you get the idea that I'm going to suggest willy-nilly inspecting the contents of guys' swimsuits (not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon), let me make this observation: Only a certain minimum size is needed; beyond that, it's how it is used.

Let's put it in perspective. Is it more satisfying to do it with a guy whose little soldier is five inches in length, but who lasts for fifteen minutes; or with a guy whose weapon is seven or eight inches, but who fires it in less than a minute? I think most women would know the answer.

In short, it's how it's played. And I mean foreplay. Make it last longer. If you give her multiple orgasms (or even one), you will be a hero. Putting it in is Act III; Acts I and II should not be neglected.

And there's more. In a recent issue of Maxim, they purported to interview 8,000 women. When given these choices, 86% preferred a guy who was not good in bed, but wonderful in all other ways, as opposed to 14% preferring the guy who was great in the sack but otherwise a bastard.


  1. I hope she is not too disappointed in him.

  2. The scientific method should be used. Obtain a sample of small-penised guys, and a sample of large-penised guys. Have sex with each one on different occasions. After the activity, rate it (and him) with regard to pleasure and total satisfaction.

    Only then will the question be definitely answered.

  3. Can I be the research assistant?

    Lots of nude beaches on the French side here.

  4. Still, it must be amusing to make the love with a mech with a large péniss.

  5. Thanks for the reassurance! :-)