Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The T-Shirt Rebellion

The new dress code annoyed the students at Fulmer High School: it seemed to abridge their rights and curtail their sense of style too much. One aspect of it was particularly noxious: it was the section that, although it allowed the wearing of t-shirts and sweat shirts, limited the content of what was written on them. This seemed to be de facto in violation of the Constitution, which allows free speech.

Obviously, spirit t-shirts were okay; especially those for FHS or UT. And those with innocuous messages would pass muster too. However, no controversial messages, no Rebel flags, no beer or cigarette or drug themes, no messages that might be regarded as obscene, lewd, or antisocial.

The dress code came with teeth: detention for the first offense. and suspension for the second offense. Some students tried mass disobedience; but they were duly punished with detention for their infractions. In all, it seemed that the Principal and other powers that be had buffaloed them; and they settled into a surly silence.

However, six enterprising girls had a solution: devise t-shirts that had messages that would annoy the administrators, but not be in violation of the rules.

Now this was true creativity.

One of them had an astonishing idea that was so off the wall that it invited some titters at first; but then it sank in as a great idea.

That weekend, they got t-shirts printed at the mall, and agreed to wear theirs on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Willow wore a green t-shirt with 36C on it. Megan wore her violet 34C one. Heidi wore a red 32A tee that looked splendid on her! Deena's green one had 34B on it. Dee Dee's black one was labeled 36C. Finally, Heather's was a 36B yellow one.

What could be done about this? There was gnashing of teeth in the Principal's Office, and titters in the faculty lounge.

In days to come, some other girls donned t-shirts with similar messages.


  1. A super idea to combat oppression.

  2. Does this fall under the scope of laws regarding truth in advertising?

  3. Haven't you heard of poetic license?

  4. Did you reveal something, Heidi?

  5. Very interesting article. Keep us posting dude !!