Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fixing Some Flats

I'm perfectly candid about this: I got breast implants as a graduation present, and I don't feel a need to be secretive about it.

Picture this: I'm near graduation, and still wearing what amounts to a training bra. Or, most often, not. Band-Aids strategically placed were enough. However, one day Momma noticed what I was doing when I was wearing a tee that was more transparent than I realized. She scolded me for my tackiness, but after a tearful, mutually oncomfortable moment, she saw my dilemma, and started things in motion.

There were the various tests. Was I simply slow in maturing, or was that it? We saw various doctors in Nashville, before one explained this option I ultimately took.

We explained the matter to Dad, since it would run $7000. Not a small amount for a graduation present, not to mention my and Momma's commitment.

The discomfort was bearable. They results were great!

I graduated AA and with high honors; I started university as a freshman with boobs requiring full-fledged B cups. In a way, the whole experience released my from a lot of inhibitions. (No, I didn't completely flaunt my breasts!)

I like my store-bought ta-tas. I affectionately refer to them as "my Alps!" They did boost my confidence, however silly it may seem to others. I'm not suggesting it as a universal self-esteem fix; but sometimes the simpler road is the one to take. I'll just be happy, and leave others to whatever opinions that may entertain.


  1. They look great! Doing it was a great move.

  2. I'm glad it worked out. I've wondered about getting some too.

  3. I don't think I'll never be able to think about fixing a flat the same way again.

  4. Why not stay with your real ones?