Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have You Ever Been Diddled?

One time there was a town girl and a country girl got to talking about the boys they had went with. The town girl told what kind of car her boyfriends used to drive, and how much money their folks has got. But the country girl didn't take no interest in things like that, and she says the fellows are always trying to get into her pants.

So finally the town girl says, "Have you ever been diddled?" The country girl giggled, and she says yes, a little bit. "How much?" says the town girl. "Oh, about like that," says the country girl, and she held up her finger to show an inch, or maybe an inch and a half.

The town girl just laughed, and pretty soon the country girl says, "Have you ever been diddled?" The town girl says of course she has, lots of times. "How much?" says the country girl. "Oh, about like that," says the town girl, and she marked off about eight inches, or maybe nine.

The country girl just sat there goggle-eyed, and she drawed a deep breath. "My God," says the country girl, "that aint't diddling! Why, you've been laiiid!"


  1. It's just a matter of a little length.

  2. I wish people would stop telling that story about me and the town girl.

  3. Town girls just have higher standards for diddling.

  4. Cute. Reminds me of the other joke: "Do you like Kipling? I don't know ... I've never kippled."

  5. It is cute and funny. Those town girls are worldly.