Friday, June 29, 2012

Modesty Suit Targets Officials: A Headline Sure to Draw Notice

I'll have to admit that this headline from drew my curiosity.  This is what I found.

Anaconda Deer Lodge County commissioners named in amended complaint over road

ANACONDA — A private land company is suing the individual Anaconda-Deer Lodge County commissioners for alleged civil rights violations in the ongoing Modesty Creek Road case.

Letica Land LLC has filed an amended complaint that accuses Mark Sweeney, Rose Nyman, Neal Warner, Robert Pierce and Elaine Lux-Burt of violating due process when they voted to open public access on the disputed road in March.
The commission unanimously reaffirmed Modesty Creek Road as a county road, which passes through a stretch Letica’s Montana Big Horn Ranch about eight miles northeast of Anaconda.

But Letica Land promptly filed for a preliminary injunction to keep its gates on the road locked until the court can determine if access is public or private.

Butte District Judge Kurt Krueger has yet to make a ruling on the injunction

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  1. My first thought was that this had to do with strippers' costumes.

  2. The could cramp the style of the Letica naked horse back ride.

  3. I would pass on seeing naked Montana officials of either sex.

  4. I would do same with out home-grown officials.