Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Defending Tennessee From Running-Dog Georgian Aggression

There has been a dispute between Georgia and Tennessee as to where their common boundary lies.  The upstart Georgians claim it was mis-surveyed, and Georgia has some land coming.  The disputed land includes Lookout Mountain.  No one thinks for a moment that Georgia has set its lecherous sights on Rock City or even the Incline Railroad.  No, they have more serious concerns: access to the Tennessee River to suck it up!

Basically, if the boundary line gets drawn a bit northward, that will include access to Lake Nickajack, part of the Tennessee Rivers system.  And that boil on the buttocks of  the South, Atlanta, will gorge itself in more and more water to water the lawns in Buckhead or other parts of the megapolis.  And never mind downstream Tennessee and Alabama!  [They give Alabama the short end of the stick with the Chattahoochee already.]

This author gives a fanciful, yet seemingly practical, way of thwarting those foul Georgians from doing their nefarious deed.

But in the event of a successful Georgian invasion, I suggest we go the Full Lysistrata on them!


  1. Georgia abandoned the old boundary 200 years ago. To late to go back now.

  2. Surely Georgia hasn't a prayer in getting the boundary changed after all this time?

  3. Heidi, if I was a young, single man I would surrender to your strategy!

  4. Atlanta is one super sucking noise.

  5. "that boil on the buttocks of the South, Atlanta" ... don't hold back, Heidi - tell us how you really feel about it.