Friday, April 5, 2013

More Bad Legislation in Tennessee

There's a current bill before the Tennessee House that would tie welfare payments to families based on school performance of the children.  Specifically, if the kids don't make the grades, then the family's welfare money is reduced by 30%.  The idea is that this would ensure better progress in school.

This bill seems to me to be a royally bad idea, poorly conceived and mean-spirited.  

Here's some reasons why:

1.  Some kids are simply unintelligent, and cannot make the mark.

2.  Some are unidentified hyperactive or mentally disturbed, and perform poorly as a result.

3.  Parents do not have complete control over what their children will do.

The sponsor of the bill: ol' Stacey Campfield.  The Ville of Knox elected him.



  1. Simplistic ideas from simplistic minds.

  2. This is an utterly silly bill. One could give the sponsors the benefit of the doubt and concede that it's well-intentioned, but since both sponsors are Republicans, it's pretty obvious that the real intent is more to trim money from welfare payments than to actually improve children's learning. This is the sort of thing that is giving today's GOP a well-deserved bad reputation.