Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Drinking Game for the Debates

I guess the debate (or non-debate) between Hillary and The Donald will take place later this month as scheduled. 

In order for friends to have some fun while watching it, they could fall back on an old drinking game. How about this:

Each player writes down 10 phrases or clichés that she expects a particular candidate to use. If the candidate uses that during the debate, he is allowed a sip of beer if he says "OMFG." Then the other players must remove an article of clothing.

The first one to finish his or her glass is declared the winner. If only one mug or glass is used, everybody practices moderation.  

If the non-winners wish, the remaining glasses can receive fresh beer and they can continuing until one of the remaining players becomes starkers.

Everyone sort of wins. Especially the one allowed to strip.

And a lesson comes home: Clinton and Trump are likely to drivw people to drink.