Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tennessee Man Enjoys the Sanctity of Marriage

A LaFollette man is looking forward to enjoying the sanctity of marriage for the fourth time in 11 years. Joseph D., 47, exchanged vows in a small ceremony at Cove Lake State Park on Saturday. He is wedded to Dana, who became his new fiancé just three weeks ago. D.'s third soul mate left him a month ago following a combination of irreconcilable differences and a report from a private investigator. "What can I say, I fell in love," said Joseph. "And then I fell in love again. And then I fell in love again. And then I did it again. I must not have a very low center of gravity." D. maintains that while he has had trouble staying faithful to his previous wives, he is a proponent of family values. "I value family," he said. "I'm hoping to have at least a couple more of them before I turn 50."


  1. I wonder how many weddings he already has booked in advance. Maybe he has to get remarried or he'll lose his deposits.

  2. He has a unique way of demonstrating it.