Friday, September 16, 2016

Impure Thought-Causing Cheerleaders

Recently, a Mormon boy in Utah complained to his momma that the short skirts on cheerleaders gave him "impure thoughts." In turn, the lady complained to the school about this tent-raising phenomenon; and the cheer squad cannot wear their cheerleading outfits on the day of the game.

Well now, why is he complaining? Let's try to reason this out, shall we?

Is it likely that Junior experienced real distress because of these thoughts, or the trouser tent that seem to go with them? Maybe he is so easily turned on, and not enjoying it. Especially if he's been properly brainwashed beforehand.

No, my guess is that he's doing a cosmic prank on the girls, the school, and the community. The LDS church is very into proper dress (including the Mormon undies). And the schools waver at any breeze of possible community disapproval, especially from the powers that be.

Maybe some cheerleader turned him down, and he's getting his revenge this way. Or maybe he's trying to appear latter-day saintly to his doting mama. I'm just cynical enough to call this a ploy on his part.

When I was in high school, both the boys and girls would try various means to confound the school board, the principal, teachers, and parents. And sometimes they were successful! It's the consequence of conducting education in semi-authoritarian manners. Sometimes the prisoners do beat the system.

Anyway, check out the cheer outfits for Timpview High in Ogden, Utah, where these "impure thoughts" were supposedly elicited. It's in the People magazine article in the link.


  1. I've read that Utah has the highest rate in the US of accessing porn sites. Seems impure thoughts are preloaded in the Mormon brain.

  2. I wonder what they'd find on his computer. I'm guessing there is more than cheerleaders in short skirts.