Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas, Moon Pie Highs, and Other Nostalgia

I wish I could buy Moon Pies in Montana. I could use a Moon Pie high right now despite the extra time I need exercising and running to work off those extra calories from that Southern indulgence.

And wouldn't it be nice to spend the afternoon hanging out at the Cool Springs mall with the girls, or eating Thai food in M'boro.

And cheering for Middle Tennessee State.

Nostalgia works in odd ways. Sometimes the little things loom inportant. Whatever outsiders feel about Tennessee, I will always be a Tennesseean. At the Christmas time it is joyous to get reconnected with family, to help trim the tree, to put on a pretty dress on Christmas morning and go to church, enjoy family dinners, and in general reconnect.

I hope everyone has a joyous Christmas or Holiday Season.


  1. Howdy, Heidi! I'm still working at MTSU. Would love to chat sometime. that your real pic down below? Holy schnikes! lol