Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It was sorority song night, and the Chili Dog Sisters were to take part by arranging, practicing, and staging a skit for this evening of mandatory fun and games. Now other groups went in for the intricately coreographed show tunes, sometimes with canes and straw hats, the Greek choruses, the oldie rock numbers, and (of course) that schmaltzy sentimental state song "Tennessee Waltz."

We elected to do cute. We each wore white felt [literal] cat suits with kitty cat whiskers and kitty cat ears, and sang a nonsensical song, "The Cat Came Back" which harkens back to nursery school days. In truth, we were perfectly awful: too cute by half -- just the kind of thing that soothes the nerves of Student Activities people and encourages their world view that college students are basically benign.

At the climax of the song, all seven of us turn around in unison, twirl our tails in synchrony, insert large darkened cotton balls into our mouths, turn back forward, and spit out the cotton "hairballs" in unison.

We got the most applause.

But no prize.

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  1. Your story should get a prize for giving people great laughs!