Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rehashing the News

The standard hazard of upcoming New Years is that both the televised and print media go into the rehash mode: printing numerous items regarding The Top Ten News Events of 2010, The Tope Ten (or Twenty) Entertainers of 2010, The Best Dressed of 2010, The Twelve Biggest Rectum Pains of 2010, and so forth.

This should be looked at as opportunities the media exploits for doing it on the cheap: recycling news. This is not to say that the quantity of news is a constant: sometimes there is not much happening, sometimes there is.

Actually, some forms of recycling is commendable. If newspapers or glass bottles could be recycled, then that's cool. And summer re-runs on television can be viewed as an opportunity to varying one's viewing or see an episode that might have been missed. It's knowing what is okay to recycle, and what is not, that is crucial.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if, somewhere, a television evening news team were to begin the program with, "Folks, nothing much really happened today, but we plan to fill in this half-hour agreeably, should you care to watch. Oh yes, Myra will unbutton one button on her blouse every five minutes."

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