Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Tennessee Postmodern Realism School of Art

Myron Crumb is generally regarded as the founder of the Tennessee Post-Modern Realism School in art; this is clearly manifested in his lifelong career of innvoativeness in art. In his early days, while a resident undergoing treatment in West Tennessee Mental Hospital, he was introduced to the art of painting ceramic frogs. This was followed by his naturalistic period after his discharge, in which he painted the iconic 'See Rock City' on barns all over the Southeast. Some of his works are still discerned, if the kudzu is not too thick at that time of year.

His middle period was his most prolific: this was his Elvises on Black Velvet Period. At least sixty-one of these ironic commentaries on popular fame are known to exist, including one under wraps in the Frist Museum and two in the Museum of Modern Art. His middle period was followed by his Clown Period, a favorite with collecters and critics.

Presently, Mr. Crumb is experimenting with the painting of upper female torsos, using primaries that are textured with sawdust. He respectfully requests models to provide a medium of his art.

The Burlington Museum is pleased to offer this one-man retrospective of this outstanding Tennesseean artist. Prints are available in the Museum Shop on the second floor.


  1. This was a sleeper for me. I thought it was a bonafide art article and I was going into my MEGO mode; but then you turned the screws! Great satire!

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