Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How Idaho Got Its Name

Never mind that story about Idaho meaning "Gem of theMountains;" that's just historical fodder developed by old Chambers of Commerce. The truth was a little more pointed.

It seemed that when the Territory was first settled, there was a dearth of women. Frankly, none at all. Well, buffalo gals, but they never came out at night.

The locals advertised, "Send us women! Bounties offered!"

And, after a few weeks, a stagecoach came with six ladies in it.

The miners and ranchers stood around, and appraised the passengers as they got off the stage.

The first one off was a Junoesque brunette, who turned out to be a missionary from the Presbyterian Church.

The second one was married to the general store owner. She had a face like a hatchet.

The third one was a blonde schoolteacher.

The fourth one was in her eighties, and came to live with her prissy son.

And the fifth one was a traveling saleswoman, selling linens.

So the townsmen began to murmur: "Where's the women we can dance with and make love to?"

Everyone was disappointed, and were going away.

Finally, out of the stagecoach came an ordinary-looking woman, who announced, "I de 'ho!"

And all were pleased. As we she.

And in honor of her, they named the territory Idaho Territory.


  1. Did you get this from the internet? If you did it must be true.

  2. It's stories like this that make me glad to be a history buff. I have full mental images of the Junoesque brunette and the hatchet-faced wife of the general store owner...