Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ronald Reagan High School's Nickname

Recently, a high school was named after former President Ronald Reagan, presumably in a Republican-leaning school district.  It being a completely new school, with no baggage of tired old traditions, they had to develop new ones.

Interestingly, the Principal was a innovative and progressive educator who believed in allowing the student body much latitude in this process.

One example of tradition-building was for the student body to select a new mascot.  The usual suspect animal mascots and historical ones were suggested, but with no consensus forming.  Finally, Ferris, one of the Senior class, remembered that the former President had been known as "Dutch" when he was younger.  Therefore, he suggested that the school mascot be the Rudders.

The Principal, with some trepidation given the source, asked why that particular nickname?

Mr Buller replied, "Well, President Reagan steered us successfully through perilous times.  It's therefore fitting that we choose Rudders as the school nickname!"

So Ronald Reagan high school's team and student body became known as the Ronald Reagan Rudders.