Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wrong Emphasis!

Last week Gov. Bill Halsam of Tennessee criticized the news media for emphasizing "crazy issues" in the coverage of the General Assembly's doings. Just little things like "Don't say gay," a measure to ban the wearing of revealing clothing at school, and bills like HB 368/SB 893, that requires evolution and global warming be taught as controversial. Neither issue is controversial scientifically, just politically!

In a way, I can understand his disappointment: there was some good initiatives in this year's session. But the news reporters are naturally drawn to the unusual, the bizarre, and the silly! After all, that's what draws readers' interest.

It just seems to me that the news media would be forced into coverage of substantive issues by default: They have to fill in so much news space, and if nothing truly bizarre is going on, they will report what's left.


  1. I agree. Legislative clowns actually serve to distract emphasis from the more important matters. And they usually do so because the're looking out for #1.

  2. Governor Halsam did not sign the evolution bill. Thus, it became law without his signature. He should have vetoed it. He screwed up! Bad kitty!

  3. Sounds like Governor Halsam didn't want to admit his cousin is an actual monkey.

  4. He needs to stop monkeying around.

  5. You need to stay in Montana. I don't want you to catch any brain diseases or anything.

  6. Bilbo, sometimes I do get homesick. But Halsam should have vetoed it.

    Elvis, you may have nailed it.

    Mike, there's a lot of monkeying around going on -- they should try sexual monkeying around. Less mischief.