Sunday, July 15, 2012

Be Corrupt Properly

Be corrupt properly!

Re: ''The Godfather tradition lives on'' (Sunday Forum, June 17).

Bravo to Khun Voranai Vanijaka for his very insightful piece. He is right on target with what is happening to democracy in Thailand and why it will never work.

I have often thought that the national anthem should be changed to Speak Softly Love. But of course it could also apply to most other countries around the world.

Whether you're talking about the police force, armed forces, local or national politics, the Black Hand is always lurking. But unlike the polls Khun Voranai cited where the majority of Thais don't mind corruption if they too can benefit from it, I don't mind corruption if services are at least done properly.

I don't mind paying a bit more to feed the system, but at least do the job right! Show a little more pride in your corruption!


--------------------From the Bangkok Press


  1. This sounds like it's a letter about Chicago.

  2. Or about Washington, DC, where the city government sets new standards for shameless, in-your-face corruption at all levels ... and then there's Congress ...

  3. Corruption is endemic -- it could even be in places where Representatives hide money in freezers.