Saturday, July 7, 2012

Montana Testicle Festival

The Montana Testicle Festival is held yearly at the Rock Creek Lodge in Clinton, Montana, which hosted the event since the 1980s.  During this festival, there is a tradition of playing a game called Booze and Balls. People from all over visit just to eat some Rocky Mountain Oysters — deep-fried bull testicles — and get some buzz with beer on this four-day festival.

Other activities also include wet parties with a twist.  Visitors will usually see a man spraying water over a young woman contestant from a wooden penis attached to a hose.  The contestant usually removes their clothes one by one for the crowd during this wet T-shirt contest.  Meanwhile, other people can also watch the Undie 500 on the other side, where racers drink beer, ride tricycles, and remove articles of clothing when they perform poorly.  Full naked contestants by the end of these competitions are usual.

The crowd also dances to live music at the Testicle Festival.  There is also a custom in the event in which a man displays beads around his neck at the Festival and gives them to women in hopes that the women will expose their breasts.


  1. Sounds like a grand time. I'd say, "Have a ball" but I guess that's the general idea.

    Maybe I'll have to add the Montana Testicle Festival to my bucket list.

  2. Well youtube has a lot of videos but nothing like your describing. You need to go and video some of this action for us.

  3. The festivities sound great, but I'll pass on the main course!

  4. And I suppose everyone has a ball dancing at the Fancy Dress Ball down at the local ballroom. I'm surprised Angelique didn't mention the similarity to Mardi Gras of the men giving beads to women to get them to expose their superstructures ... it's the first connection I made. I wonder if it would work here in DC ... ?