Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Where the Large Richards Are

Strictly for academic interest, this world map is provided to indicate which countries have the largest average penis size:

Green:  Largest
Light Green:  Next Largest
Yellow:  Middle
Cream:  Smallish
Red:  Smallest

In my limited experience, I am not convinced that having sex with a guy with a larger penis size results in more satisfaction for the woman he is having sex with.  However, in the language of statistics, my sample size is small (!) but enjoyed nevertheless.  For guys anxious about this, learn to be adept at foreplay, especially faire minette.

As a nonsequitur, in some parts of New Mexico, the slang word for the male thingy is "chile," after the pepper.  Once a senorita commented to a cowboy that the temperature was pretty chilly.

He respoded, "Gracias. senorita."


  1. It must have been a thrill to collect the data!

  2. 'faire minette' 'chile' I've been to the urban dictionary a lot this week.

  3. Speaking as a cunning linguist AND a gourmet, I appreciate your desire for faire minette. Good luck.

  4. In New Orleans, 'minette' is a Louisiana Creole word for pussycat.

    Oh, never mind!

  5. Bilbo, thsnk you.

    Mike, a good place for unusual slang.

  6. 11.67 - 13.48? Some guys are shortchanged.