Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coda on the General Assembly of Tennessee

Well, the General Assembly of Tennessee has finished its damage for the year.  I would say that they embarassed themselves; but so many of them seemed to be beyond embarassment.  Let's say that they managed to emphasize the "ass" in Assembly. 

Judging from here, the General Assembly was heavily into pleasing the mossbacks and assorted nuts.  The notion of "gateway sexual activity" seems to be a buzzword back home, or so I'm told.  The legislature also tried legislatively to set how high boys wear pants -- we'll see how this goes.  No cracks, please!  Don't go lowerider in the Volunteer State.  The "Don't Say Gay" bill was withdrawn, but only after making the state sound like Idiotland.

Then there's the "monkey bill."  It seems that the legislators should have more respect for their cousins. 

Last month, Republican Gov. Bill Haslam voiced frustration that the Democratic-sponsored saggy pants bill was getting all the attention instead of more substantive measures; however, he oblingingly signed the bill into law.

The governor finally made his first veto since taking office in 2010.  The measure tried to force Vanderbilt University to exempt student religious groups from its nondiscrimination policy.  Haslam said the state had no role in telling a private institution how to run its organization.  Finally he did something against the nincompoopery.


  1. I'm sure Gov. Bill Haslam will make up for his good deed many times over in the coming months.

  2. We've got Rep Eric Cantor, and are right next door to North Carolina. Wanna trade?

  3. Well, NC jusr made asses out of themselves by banning gay marriages. So much for family values.