Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tennessee Legslature Bans Christmas Story for Failing tp Promote Abstinence


Tennessee legislature bans Christmas story for failing to promote abstinence

Legislation banning parents from reading their children the Christmas story is headed to the governor's desk after approval by the state House of Representatives Friday.  The bill would prevent anyone from reading Bible stories that fail to explicitly promote abstinence.  The bill was drafted by former Sen. David Fowler, who now heads a conservative Christian group called the Family Action Council of Tennessee.  "What's the real message here," asked Fowler of the nativity story.  "It's that abstinence isn't 100 percent effective.  Here's an unwed teenager who didn't have relations and she still got pregnant.  Is this really what we want our children learning in Sunday school?  We've also recommended that churches rip the book of Song of Songs out of their Bibles.  Whoever wrote that book did not have abstinence in mind.  'Your breasts are like two fawns' indeed."


  1. Did that appear in the Bible? I'm Lutheran, you see.

    Maybe thst's why bras were invented.

  2. Ah the left strikes a blow at the right. It must be fun living in TN.

  3. "Your breasts are like two fawns" ??? This is no doubt why men enjoy fawndling them.

  4. I hope that's satire, and not real life craziness.